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Are you ready to celebrate your next corporate event at Hooters? Ready for a fun party with music and fun competitions tailored to your specific requirements and expectations? Then look no further – book our venue today, and your memorable event will be the talks in the office for a long time.

You bring the guests, we make sure to make it a party to remember.

We’ll help break the ice with a long range of activities, such as beer pong, hula hoop contest, sing-alongs, eating competitions and much more. From team building competitions to contests, games and more, our Hooters girl will help make the event a party that is late to forget. Reward your staff with a fun time, go out of the way of the typical “boring” corporate party at the office – come to Hooters!


There’s nothing better than having a birthday party. Wait, there actually is. Celebrate your birthday at Hooters and you’re up for something truly out of the ordinary, something truly special that you’re late to forget. Celebrate your staff member or boss with a special birthday party, allow us to arrange the event with sing alongs, balloons, cake and not to forget, Hooters girls dancing for the birthday boy or girl. This is not your ordinary birthday celebration – this is something that will late be forgotten at the office and be mentioned often during lunch breaks.

Sports Parties

There’s always a big game coming up, always a game that is more important than the next.
Big boxing matches, football matches, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer – you name it. Now, you could sit there all by yourself, watching it with a colleague, or you could up the game and make it more fun and make it a special event at Hooters. No matter the type of game, or event – or the big Super Bowl, at Hooters you surely can celebrate them all in style with your colleagues. Make this an event to talk about at the office, before and after the game. Give your staff or colleagues a chance to get together for an evening full of fun and celebration and allow them to be pampered by the Hooters girls while you’re all watching the game together.

Bachelor Parties

It’s not wedding time until you had a decent bachelor party for yourself. Let our Hooters girl celebrate you in style in their sexy outfits, let them dance around you, have drinks with your mates before the important day approaches – your wedding day. With your bachelor party at Hooters, you will surely be having a bachelors party to remember for a long time after you are married. Allow no less than 20 party girls to join the bachelor party, ride the bull and dive into one of many drinking competitions and show what you’re made of. Have a bachelor party beyond the usual at Hooters!

Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties have just become more exciting with the help of Santa’s little helpers – our very own Hooters girl. With those helpers, every party will become a cheerful, fun and oh so holly and jolly event. Book our venue for your next Christmas Party and you’ll be having a cheerful event with all your colleagues. Come to celebrate Christmas at Hooters and you are in for an unforgettable event, bringing you in the true Christmas mood.


Oh boy, it has been fun working with that particular staff member. He or she is practically the face of the office, almost family to you and everyone around. He’s been there for ages and you can practically not think of him not being around. It is now however about to be time for that staff member to indulge in the well earned retirement. What better way is there to say thank you for all the hard work, loyalty and hard work than celebrating him or her in style with a retirement party at Hooters? None!
Don’t just hold a short speech at the office, don’t have a drink on him or her – throw a party at Hooters!

Chambers PARTIES

There are chamber parties that are quite ordinary and then there are chamber parties worth remembering. The former is the one that get’s thrown for members out of habit, the more traditional kind of party, the latter is the type of party that gets thrown to truly be remembered. Which would you rather attend to, or arrange? We know what we would do. We’d take the event out of the restaurants, hotels and meeting rooms and move them right into Hooters. At Hooters you’re up for a special event, just the way you imagine. Contests, games and competitions, Hooters girls, decorations and fun – it all awaits you at Hooters.

Themed Parties

Are you planning a theme party, but still looking for the right venue to host your event? Then Hooters may be your right choice. No matter the theme, we can decorate accordingly.
Halloween party? Be ready to be met with balloons and other decorative items at Hooters.
Fancying a Mardi Gras party? No problem. We’ll make sure to set the right mood at Hooters. No matter the event, we’ll be ready with activities, competitions, games and much more fitting to the event. Bring your good mood, we take care of everything else. 

Top Sales Person Award Party

He or she is the top sales person you’ve got in the office. This is a remarkable sales-enthusiast that needs to be rewarded. What better way is there to say thank you, than throwing the top sales person of the month, or year, a special party, to keep him or her motivated to surpass that achievement? The answer to that is Hooters. Throw the top sales person a special event with an Award party.
Keep your staff motivated, keep competitiveness high in par with motivation.

There’s no better way of saying thank you for a job well done than with a dedicated award party at Hooters!

American Thanksgiving

There’s no better way of celebrating Thanksgiving than with the Hooters girls. Treat your staff and colleagues with a private Thanksgiving party worth remembering. There’s no Thanksgiving without a turkey, so that won’t be missing too of course, mixed with matching decorations. Of course there won’t be missing fitting decorations, games, competitions and contests for a true Thanksgiving party at Hooters as well. Treat your colleagues for a true American Thanksgiving party at Hooters. Book our venue now and mark the dates – Thanksgiving is coming.

New Product Launch Party

Presenting a new product doesn’t need to be boring. It doesn’t need to be presented in a cold office environment, an exhibition hall or a restaurant. Don’t be doing what everyone else does. Make the product launch an exciting venture, take it out of the office and invite customers and clients to Hooters to launch your product in a truly relaxed setting. Fun times await.

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